Appendix B: History 101

Appendix B: History 101

This appendix has items related primarily to the history of women as editors.
It’s divided it into four sections: Online articles, Online videos, Books, and Miscellaneous.
We also found some interesting articles about women in film (not exclusively devoted to editors), so within each section we’ve separated the ones “About women editors” from those “About filmmakers”.
Finally, we organized it to be alphabetical based on the title of the item.
Please let us know through the contact page if you come across anything that we might add to this appendix.

From “Filmkurier” no. 232, October 1, 1927


     About editors’ organizations

There are two organizations in the USA that are dedicated to editors (there are others, of course, like workshop places, but these are the two main ones, and of course there are others in many other countries.)

The Motion Picture Editors Guild, which also publishes Cinemontage, a (free to read) magazine each month that has lots of great articles.

American Cinema Editors (ACE), which runs the EDDIE Awards.You can find information about all the ACE members on their website.
And just a note in relation to women editors: There have been presidents of ACE since its founding in 1950. As far as I’ve been told, there has only been one woman who held that position. Tina Hirsch was president of ACE from 2000-2004.

     About women editors

5 Editors that Broke the Hollywood Studio System by Michael Maher at
A look at the editors who turned the generation of young directors in the 1960s and 1970s into household names. Features Coates, Schoonmaker, Allen, Fields, and Lucas.

5 Women Editors In Indian Cinema We Should Know About by Shruti Jani at
A look at some of the top editors in Indian cinema, featuring Renu Saluja, Beena Paul, Deepa Bhatia, Namrato Rao, and Aarti Bajaj.

25 Golden-Age Movies Edited By Women by Samantha Ludwig at
A discussion of women’s editing in key films from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

“A Tedious Job” – Women and Film Editing by Sara Galvão at
A brief history of Hollywood’s most prominent and celebrated women editors

Barbara McLean: Editing, Authorship, and the Equal Right to Be the Best by J. E. Smyth in Cineaste
A biography of “Hollywood’s editor-in-chief” and the impact she and other women had on the films they edited.

Countering the Celluloid Ceiling: The Perils of Post-Production by Debra Kaufman at
A discussion with women editors about gender bias in the edit suite and possible ways to address the problem

Cutting Comments: A Women Editors Roundtable by Lisa Leeman at
International Documentary assembled a group of top editors to discuss the art, craft and process of their work

Cutting Women: Margaret Booth and Hollywood’s Pioneering Female Film Editors by Kristen Hatch at the Women Film Pioneers Project at
A look at Margaret Booth and other female editors who shaped early Hollywood

Did You Know? These Women Edited All The Timeless Classics We Love by Prateek Sharma at
A look at some prolific women editors and the hit films they edited.

Editorial: Recognising Women’s Work as Creative Work by Karen Pearlman & Adelheid Heftberger at
A scholarly investigation of the creative influence of women editors on early 20th century filmmaking

Ellas dan el corte by Elodi Mellado at
(in Spanish) History of prominent film editors including Rose Smith, Margaret Booth, Anne Bauchens, Barbara McLean, Dorothy Spencer, Dede Allen, Anne V. Coates, Pepita Orduna, Anne Goursaud, Agnès Guillemot, Marie-Josèphe Yoyotte, Thelma Schoonmaker, Sally Menke, Mary Sweeney, Susan E. Morse, Alisa Lepselter, Dody Dorn, Sarah Flack, Elena Ruiz, and Irene Blecula.

Female Idol Blog Series – Editor Jabeen Merchant On Films, Feminism, Auteurship & More at
Interview with editor Jabeen Merchant.

Female Editors: The Understated Champions for Women in Film by Danielle Lee at
A list highlighting fifteen female editors and their accomplishments.

Film Editing as Women’s Work: Ėsfir’ Shub, Elizaveta Svilova, and the Culture of Soviet Montage by Lilya Kaganovsky at
An essay discussing the women behind Soviet montage films.

Opportunities for Women in Motion Pictures by Constance Talmadge in the Anaconda Standard, Sunday, July 30, 1922
1922 newspaper article about the career or editor Irene Morra.

Opportunities for Women in Motion Pictures by Constance Talmadge in the Anaconda Standard, Sunday, July 30, 1922—full page

SHEARS FOR THE LADIES: How the Omnipotent Cutters (Who Tend To Be Feminine) Do Their Work by D.W.C. at
New York Times online article from 1936 about women film editors.

SHEARS FOR THE LADIES: How the Omnipotent Cutters (Who Tend To Be Feminine) Do Their Work – This is the PDF of the above

The 4 Unsung Pioneers of Film Editing by Michael Maher at Premium
A look at the four women who predated the term “film editor” and whose names dominated the Academy Awards for decades. Features Booth, Bauchens, McLean, and Spencer.

The Moviola Mavens: Three Pioneering Women Editors by Kevin Lewis at
Biographies of Margaret Booth, Barbara McLean, and Anne Bauchens.

The ‘Invisible Art’: A Woman’s Touch Behind the Scenes–Kim Roberts, Kate Amend and Other Female Film Editors by John Anderson at
A look at female film editors featuring Kate Amend, Mona Davis, Penelope Falk, Dana Glauberman, Mary Lampson, Mary Jo Markey, Kim Roberts, and Alyse Ardell Spiegel.

The ‘Invisible Art’: A Woman’s Touch Behind the Scenes–Kim Roberts, Kate Amend and Other Female Film Editors – The PDF of the above item

Top Directors Reveal How Female Film Editors Shaped Their Movies by Scott Feinberg at
A look back at the invaluable contributions to motion pictures of female film editors, past and present, which have been largely cut out of the history books.

Women at the Helm by Grace Wilcox in the Detroit Free Press, Sunday, December 26, 1937
1937 newspaper article about women finding success in Hollywood, featuring editors Anne Bauches, Irene Morra, and Barbara McLean.

      About women filmmakers

15 Women of Cinema History You Should Know by Kristy Puchko at
Women editors and other filmmakers who shaped cinema into what it is today.

A Brief History of Women’s Film-making in Mainland China by Lidan Hu at
An overview of key events and figures in the history of women’s filmmaking in China.

A century ago with Mary Pickford and Frances Marion: powerful and influential women in early Hollywood by Leo Verswijver at
A look at early women filmmakers and those who have followed in their footsteps, with a focus on screenwriting.

A History of Women’s Filmmaking at the National Film Board of Canada

Film Success Means Stardom, but Infrequently in the Rocky Mountain Telegram, Sunday, November 1, 1953
1953 newspaper article about jobs available to women in Hollywood.

Twenty Badass Women In Cinema You Have Probably Never Heard Of at
An international list of great women editors and other filmmakers.

You Know These 20 Movies. Now Meet the Women Behind Them by Manohla Dargis and A.O. Scott at  (see links below)
A list of key women editors and other filmmakers throughout history, including the editors Dede Allen and Margaret Booth.

You Know These 20 Movies. Now Meet the Women Behind Them — the online version

You Know These 20 Movies. Now Meet the Women Behind Them — the PDF version



         About women editors

Editors on Editing
Directed by Ally Acker
Video about women in film editing featuring extensive interviews with Allen, Booth, and Littleton. (Accessing this video requires a Kanopy subscription.)

Tercer Acte: Muntadores by Ingrid Guardiola & Marta Sureda at
Video about women film editors, part of a series on women filmmakers (in Spanish & Catalan).

        About women filmmakers

The 4%: Film’s Gender Problem
Directed by Caroline Suh
A series of documentary short films about the gender gap in the Hollywood film industry. (Requires an Epix subscription.)

Women Pioneers of Cinema: In the Margin of the Industry by Ingrid Guardiola & Marta Sureda at Soy Cámara’s YouTube page
Video about pioneering women filmmakers (in Spanish & Catalan).



      About women editors

Women Film Editors: Unseen Artists of American Cinema by David Meuel
A look at how women were pushed out of roles in the film industry in the 1920s, but many female film editors still rose to the top of their profession and impacted cinema throughout the twentieth century. Features Anne Bauchens, Margaret Booth, Anne V. Coates, Verna Fields, Viola Lawrence, Barbara McLean, Thelma Schoonmaker, Dorothy Spencer, and a final chapter titled “Quick Cuts: Nine Other Women Who’ve Left a Memorable Mark On US Film Editing”.

PLEASE NOTE: There are PDFs of the chapters about each of the women listed above (who each have a page on the website) in their entries in Appendix A.



African Women in Cinema Blog
A public forum for the Centre for the Study and Research of African Women in Cinema with articles on diverse topics relating to African women filmmakers.

Directed by Women
Searchable index of women film directors with links to a variety of other websites and social media accounts.

Et la femme créa Hollywood
Directed by Clara Kuperberg & Julia Kuperberg
Documentary film about women in the early days of Hollywood (in French & English).

Great Women Animators
Index of women animators.

The Black Film Center/Archive at
Indiana University Bloomington program dedicated to collecting, preserving, and making available historically and culturally significant films by and about black people.

Women Film Pioneers Project Overview Essays at
Numerous essays about the history of women working in the early days of cinema.


Many thanks to Michael Jorgensen, Charlotte Maher Levy and Lilli Dekker and for their work in compiling this appendix.