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Oh Yes, You Can

“Dede [Allen] and I were trying to get hired in editing, and they would say, “No you can’t, because you’re a girl.” We’d say, “Well, why not?” They’d say, “Well you’re not strong enough.” Then we would gain a lot of weight and show them we could lift heavy boxes, and then they would say, “We’re not relaxed with you. You don’t swear.” Then we would practice saying “fuck” and “shit,” walking through the studio saying, “fuck shit fuck shit,” and then they would say, “That’s no way for a girl to talk.”
–Faith Hubley, about working at Columbia Studios in the early 1940’s

P.S. Faith Hubley (who is included in the other section of this website, the “Filmmakers Who Edit”) and her husband John won two Oscars for their animated films, and were nominated four more times. Dede Allen’s career as an editor is legendary.