EDITED BY: The companion film

“Edited by”
The companion film

This film represents the work of the sixty-five women on the site who are editors by profession.
(Please note that I’ve just added 26 new women, but I haven’t yet updated the film; that one will be up here by the end of 2019 with clips from all ninety-two women in it.)

I hope later to make a second film showing samples of work by the ninety-six “Filmmakers who (always or sometimes) Edit.”

Here is a list of all the films that are included in this film.

And apologies to the late, great Verna Fields! Two people have pointed out that I mistakenly included a clip from a sequel to Jaws that she didn’t do instead of one from the first and best Jaws, which she did edit and for which she won an Oscar. I haven’t had time to redo this compilation with a correct clip, but I will as soon as possible.