Nicole Lubtchansky


Nicole Lubtchanksky (née Nicole Marie José Daujat) began her editing career in 1967 working on French New Wave director Nadine Trintignant’s My Love, My Love, which was entered in competition for the Palme d’Or at Cannes. Over the following five decades, Lubtchansky accumulated fifty-two editing credits and frequently collaborated with director Jacques Rivette. They worked together on seventeen films, including L’amour fou, Céline et Julie vont en bateau, La Belle Noiseuse, and Va Savoir. She also edited three additional films for Trintignant (Crime Thief, It Only Happens to Others, Défense de savoir), as well as films by Philippe Setbon (Cross) and Jacques Doillon (Young Werther). Her husband and frequent collaborator was the cinematographer William Lubtchansky. Their daughter is the cinematographer Irina Lubtchansky.