Shannon Mitchell, ACE

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Television series have developed into a major realm of the industry, and Shannon Mitchell, ACE has worked on many of them. She started by editing feature length films in 1990 and in 2004 began editing multiple episodes of TV series, including two episodes of Expeditions to the Edge, seven episodes of Untold Stories of the ER, fourteen of United Sates of Tara, three of Shameless, thirty of Californication, and from 2013-2018, Mitchell edited twenty-three episodes of Orange Is the New Black.

“I had always been fascinated by the scripting process and barely knew anything about editing at first…When I started, editing was one of the last jobs you could do without a college degree, but simply by apprenticing. That’s where I learned the craft, as an assistant, being privy to the discussions between directors and editors. Certainly there’s manual skill entailed, but it’s all about developing a sensitivity for a storyline.”
—  “Bill Brownstein: The seams of the seamy side.” The full text can be found in the Appendix.